Fresh Meat - Woodchuck IGA located in Morgantown Indiana

Open Every Day 7 am to 9 pm
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At Woodchuck IGA we still give you old fashioned service.
We will special cut any meat you would like. If  you like thick or thin let us know.
Our Meat Specialist cut and   grind fresh meat everyday.
We Feature Star Ranch Angus Beef.            
You can taste the Difference.

We do not ad solution  to our beef check the label  it could be injected with up to 12% water solution.
Do you really want to pay  for water at 6.99 or 8.99 lb.
Check out our pick Five Section if you are looking for a great deal.
Buy 5 packages with the pick 5 label for 19.99.
Our meat Department is just another reason why we are Different by Design.
No Solutions added to our Beef
Pick 5
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